Flexible subscriptions

Your subscription with us can be for an indefinite period. You can choose whether you want to use our service every day, weekly or just one time. If you don’t have Voilà catering staff working at your location, your notice period will be three months. If there is Voilà catering staff on location, this will be six months.

Number of guests

We are happy to deliver catering services and / or lunch from 10 pax upwards. You can even change the number of guests within a certain range up to 24 hours before your order.

Set menu

Our sales managers will support you in putting a package together that best suits your company needs. You can chose between hot or cold packages, with or without add- on’s. Everything is possible, no limitations! And if you want to change this after a month? Not an issue!


You can personalize your menu with add-ons. Examples are; smoothies, toppings, bread, salads, but also delicious afternoon snacks or a drink box with bar snacks. Lots of possibilities, just ask.

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