Vision on food

We believe everybody should enjoy good food and beverages. This applies not only to today’s guests, but also to the next generation of guests. This requires a conscious view of food and beverages.

Food vision

Every day we prepare and serve delicious dishes that we hope will have a positive impact on our health, society and our world. Not just for ourselves, but also for our guests and partners. We have set goals for becoming an increasingly healthier, more sustainable and more socially responsible hospitality company, and we’ve incorporated these goals into our Food Vision 2022. This Vision is our means of making a difference, step by step, at each of our locations. The result will be more sustainable business operations that enable our guests to eat even healthier than ever before. Together, we’ll make a positive contribution to the world of food and beverages!


Our chefs are always looking for authentic flavors, ingredients and dishes. How do we do this? We start with finding inspiration! In addition to the Food Vision, we have set up our global food network for this. It’s the Culinary Heart of Vermaat and this is where we get our inspiration about the latest food trends and developments. From here we can also respond optimally to our guests needs and wishes.


We feel responsible for a future-proof world. That is why we are making our business operations and product range increasingly sustainable. We actively combat food waste, move to a plant-based product range and buy the meat that we serve with an eye for animal welfare. We are moving the food chain and ourselves towards a circular economy. This means that we close waste circles as much as possible and measure to reduce our footprint.


We are open and honest about the nutrients present in our food and we’re critical of ourselves and our partners to make an increasingly healthier choice available, without sacrificing flavor.


Our goal is to make a positive impact. Near and far. That’s why we stimulate local food entrepreneurs and establish long-term connections with producers. You can taste it!

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