Voilà: food and drink delivered to your office

Voilà is a fancy term used in restaurants to indicate that a dish is ready to serve. And that’s literally what we do: bring good food and drink to you.


There is no arguing about taste. That is why we’ll discuss which package is best for you and your colleagues. You can then bring your lunch to the next level with add-ons. But that’s not all. There are also plenty of extras to choose from. For instance, a delicious breakfast, an after work party box or snacks for at home. There is even an option for hospitality staff on location, giving you a real hospitality feeling at the office. Lots of possibilities!


Voilà provides flexible contract conditions, on your terms. For instance, you can easily change or cancel your subscription. Changing the number of guests 24 hours in advance is also not an issue. And if your location changes, no problem, we’ll move with you.

Culinary innovation

Our chefs deliver delicious, healthy and authentic meals daily, inspired by our Culinary Heart, which is our network of (international) chefs, foodies and suppliers. They are the driving force behind our innovations and recipes. For many years, this has been our recipe for success!

No worries

We’ll save you time. You won’t have to order lunch every day. We’ll advise you in putting together a package that suits your organization and we’ll devise the menu. We’ll ensure that everything is delivered to your office of course. This also ensures that when you’re not present, you don’t have to do a handover with a colleague.

Happy colleagues

We believe that lunch at work should feel like a party. That’s how colleagues often think about it. For many people, lunch is one of the most important fringe benefits when choosing a company to work for. It provides a moment of relaxation, social interaction and it’s the base for a productive working day. Voilà, a win-win situation!

No investments

Forget about expensive investmentsin kitchen equipment and square footage for a restaurant. We’ll  ensure the same quality without any investment.

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